Label: Sonic Cathedral Release date: 10/10/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon The works of Nicolas Fromageau, as well as former M83 collaborator Anthony Gonzalez, suggests a fascination with the tragedy that is youth, the turbulence surrounding adolescence, and the heartbreakingly precious moments when over dramatization was a way of life. The five song melodrama, Celebrate What You Can't See is Team Ghost’s second EP this year, and their most emphatic effort to ornament the amplified emotions surrounding youthful exuberance. At just over 16 minutes, it would be a shame to do anything with these interlocking tracks other than treat them as a single entity. Vocals are typically buried, but scant because, in this case, only nocturnal noise and heavy breathing would sound sensible. Amidst a summer of touring with Crystal Castles, and corresponding with unprecedented exposure, Team Ghost has found time to continue the slow trickle of material. Fromageau, apparently unable to commit to a full length, has pulled and polished five tracks from a professed mountain of unfinished haziness. Celebrate What You Can't See is arranged with a symmetry that pairs two swelling epics with corresponding interludes. Rrife with the subtle mourning of wasted youth, opener “High Hopes” is laced with an eerily slow chant of “a special time”, and the EP’s title is a not so thinly veiled plea to cherish what you can’t help but take for granted. An additional fifth track, “Into My Arms”, is only available digitally, and maybe the only song that can stand on it’s on. Like the You Never Did Anything Wrong To Me EP, there is really nothing ground breaking here. The usual elements of retrofitted shoegaze; typical distortion, suffocated melodies, well concealed voices, are all present, but sharper, and inexplicably contemporary. During production of these last two EPs, Fromageau has been flanked by multi-talent Christophe Guérin and producer Jean-Philippe Talaga, former founder of Gooom Disques, M83’s original label. The trio has created another efficient saga, with undertones extolling the blissful freedoms provided by indifference, but with a frigid apprehension that will eventually allow Team Ghost to be discussed minus the obligatory M83 nod. Photobucket