Label: Sonic Cathedral Release date: 26/04/10 Link: Myspace In 2003 M83 had two creative principals and a critically acclaimed LP. After touring in support of Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts, Nicolas Fromageau left Anthony Gonzalez as M83's sole creative principal. Gonzalez has since achieved unprecedented success with a pair of acclaimed LPs, including his collection of 80's inspired pop songs, 2008's Saturdays = Youth. Little has been heard from Fromageau until now, and the seven song You Never Did Anything Wrong to Me EP from his new project, Team Ghost. While at times similar in style and structure to early M83 records, You Never Did Anything Wrong to Me also seems to be heavily influenced by the likes of Siouxsie Sioux, Kate Bush, The Cocteau Twins and MBV. The EP is comprised of tracks that strike a happy medium someplace between the manic, haziness of M83's Before the Dawn Heals Us and the more structured dream pop of Saturdays = Youth. The parallels between M83's recent evolution and this initial offering from Team Ghost are striking, if not understandable. Immediately evident is Team Ghost's ability to create suspense, in a manner similar to Gonzalez and Fromageau's collaborations, as the jaunty, tubular bells of opener 'Lonely, Lonely, Lonely' hesitantly build against an elevating heart rate. The epic overture eventually explodes into the EP's signature track, 'A Glorious Time'. If it were not for it's well articulated lyrics imploring "leave it all behind you", "A Glorious Time" would sound right at home as a Loveless bonus track. Both Gonzalez and Fromageau were clearly influenced by the same music, and both do a magnificent job of paying homage. Nothing about You Never Did Anything Wrong to Me is particularly groundbreaking or game changing and fans of M83 will thoroughly enjoy this music, and this formula, even if it does little to distinguish Team Ghost's sound. 'Sur Nous Les Étincelles Du Soleil' evokes the quintessential M83 sketch 'Moonchild', and eventually fades into the aggressive, but unhurried, shoe-gazer 'Echos'. I was a bit confused by 'Deaf' and it's out of place, carefree demeanour, when the trippy, floating 'Zeit' featured on Team Ghost's Myspace page would have been a more appropriate inclusion, especially as a finale. This collection is engineered for the same people who've made M83's last two albums both critical and commercial triumphs. The similarities are impossible to ignore, and there's nothing wrong with that. It just leaves you wondering why Fromageau left M83 only to create remarkably similar music, while being seemingly inspired by the same set of muses. Nevertheless, this sounds like something many people would be interested in, if they haven't moved on already. I imagine You Never Did Anything Wrong to Me might make more sense during a carefree day sometime this summer, but I already found myself predictably captivated by the same old tired theatrics. Photobucket