The 405 first came across Team Me early in 2010 when we interviewed their frontman Marius. In 2011, we included the track ‘Dear Sister’ on our free-to-download ‘Heroes of January and February’ mixtape. Now, after what seems like an age– although the Norwegian six-piece have been busy recording this record, supporting The Wombats and touring throughout Europe – they are finally releasing To The Treetops!, an album that will hopefully live up to the supreme promise of their debut EP and manage to capture the magic from their buoyant live shows. A big year lies ahead for the band, led and started as a one-man project by Marius D.Hagen, and this is one of the most eagerly-awaited records of the year – for our writers, at least.

It takes a lot of balls to open your debut album with an eight-minute sprawling extravaganza, but that’s exactly what ‘Riding My Bicycle (from Ragnvalsbekken to Sшrkedalen)’ is – starting with a simple beat that is soon joined by gentle keys, before all kinds of glorious noise comes crashing in, all while layers of harmonies back up Marius singing: "This could easily be all you ever get." Halfway through the song, the pop notes take a proggy turn as the first of many "Nah, Nah, Nah’s" come in and the song, gradually, takes on a more experimental tone with the synths at the forefront of this change. Following on from this is the more traditional sounding guitar intro of ‘Show Me’ – a song that has the essence of Mew with its effeminate vocals and the soaring chorus, complete with military drumming, of: "I’m playing with a dangerous flame again, I’m happy as can be when you are gone," showing while the melodies may sound full of optimism, there are certainly some demons lurking inside them.

The magnificently-titled ‘Patrick Wolf & Daniel Johns’ opens with a harmonised shout of "Still coping with disaster" – what an opening line! It then transcends into a hybrid of The Polyphonic Spree at their most trippy and happiest, while also containing elements of British Sea Power’s surrealism. And more than a nod to Patrick’s ‘The Magic Position’ in the climax, while chants of "Wake me up my love, wake me up right now" echo around the song. And you wouldn’t put it past them if there is a little nod to Silverchair in there too, apart from the "I miss my Daniel" line. A re-recorded ‘Weathervanes and Chemicals’ follows and seems to sound a lot louder and more chest-pounding than on last year’s EP. A change in pace follows as acoustic guitars and glockenspiel combine on the sublime ‘Fool’ – one of the most heartfelt songs on the album. ‘Favorite Ghost’ is another 8 minutes-plus track that seems to fly by in no time, with its much darker tone and lyrics about "sleeping with the fishes" and "not coming back," as well as a huge-sounding ending that is drenched in feedback.

’Looking Thru the Eyes of Sir David Brewster’ has some of the greatest "Hoorays" you’ll hear in contemporary music while the rest of the song contains majestic, Mercury Rev at their most dreamy, ramblings about kaleidoscopes before it gently closes and makes way for the pure pop immediacy of ‘With My Hands Covering Both of My Eyes I Am Too Scared to Have A Look at You Now’. The band sing in unison: "Mediocre friend, put on a mediocre smile for me, mediocre friend, pretend you’re happy for me, happy for me. Mediocre song, come on and mean something for someone," while a pulsating and persistent drumbeat is mixed with handclaps, shouted backing vocals and enchanting fairy tale jangles. This seamlessly transforms into the album’s centrepiece, the penultimate ‘Daggers’ – another expansive moment that seems to have a heavy belief in family values: "Words fall like daggers, while my sister goes to sleep, I hope she sleeps, I hope she dreams about her brothers," before developing into a behemoth of a finale. The closing ‘Winter Olympics’ even pre-dates the EP, but that doesn’t matter as the gentile love song to their home country, with references to the 1994 Lillehammer games, brings the record to a heart-warming conclusion. Team Me have successfully managed to achieve everything we’ve hoped and more with this album -To The Treetops? No, Team Me are soaring far higher than that.