I am happy to reveal myself as one giant comic book nerd. I love nothing more than strolling into a comic book store, perusing the shelves for half an hour longer than necessary and reading everything I buy on the tube ride home. And, in the world of the superhero, there is nothing like a good team-up. Batman with Superman. Spider-Man and Wolverine. Deadpool with anyone at all. So, to see two musical acts combine can either elicit similar shrieks of glee or pangs of dread. This is a musical team up that brings together two disparate musical creators and combines (hopefully) the powers of each to defeat the enemy (the enemy being terrible music and silence). Teams is a producer from Knoxville, Tennessee, who crafts jittery electronic odes to classic dance, albeit tinged with a chill-wave (I use that term grudgingly) ethos. Star Slinger is Darren Williams, a producer from Manchester who crafts similar, loving acclamations to R&B, homespun until it feels warm and fuzzy. Simply put, these guys were born to be together. A destiny that fulfils itself with the release of their six track record simply titled Teams vs. Star Slinger.

Opener 'Close To Me' exhales into life from a barely audible bit of Français, supported by some tambourine shaking and some melodious woodwind, quaint and adorable in equal, sickening measure. Then the beat kicks in and we embark on a trip through snippets of this and splotches of that, smothered in a thick layer of sheen and tenderness which draws forth a nostalgic cocoon of comfort.

'Punch Drunk Love' is an old Philly soul song (which I would love to get my hands on) fiddled and frazzled into a modern reimagining of soul through the eyes of the bedroom producer, surrounded by switches and buttons that transform the smooth sound of soul into a shimmering electronica plagued by the ghost of R&B. When I see some chart act taking an old soul chorus or beat and transforming it into an auto-tuned piece of nothing that draws on none of the soul, heart, honesty or passion of the original, I die a little inside. Thank goodness that these two producers have a heart of gold to go with their smooth soulful sensibility, coating everything they touch with an indomitable insight into what makes great music so instinctively emotive.

Every track here uses a selection of samples and unfiltered ideologies from days gone by, salvaged from old records, consequently pushing me towards the record store in exchange for any old bit of vinyl I can squeeze the life from. Soul music has always been a lifeblood for me, shoved into my pores from an early age and developing at an exponential rate ever since. So, to see such a duo of contemporary musicians taking any tiny glimpse of influence, ethos or sentiment from the classic soul repertoire, my heart skips a beat (and falls slightly in love with them). And to see two producers utilise this concept with such panache and finesse, literally morphing the samples into this pile of glittering electronic transcendence, is a joyous combination of new techniques and old fashioned fervour. This super team-up should get it's own series, Saturday morning cartoon and action figures.