Glacier by Teen Daze is a frustrating listen. In 2012, producer Jamison released two full length records under his Teen Daze moniker, the spaced-out All Of Us Together, and the bedroom pop inspired The Inner Mansions. There was certainly a little progression between the two, the latter finding Jamieson a little more reluctant and withholding with his rich sound, marking a mature turn for the young artist. Glacier, unfortunately, seems to be a little step backwards for the self-proclaimed 'chillwave' artist.

It's hard navigating Teen Daze's catalogue at the best of times, namely because you're given the feeling you should treat each release as if it's the most personal, important music that's been released. I am not here to dispute that, it may be, but from the track names to the colourful descriptions Teen Daze uses for each release on his Bandcamp, you feel yourself trying to work hard to try and understand something you feel must be beyond your immediate comprehension. Ultimately, however, it needn't force these feelings upon us, especially with Glacier, which works extremely well, and is a solid record.

There's no doubting at all that Teen Daze has come along as a producer a great deal since his first tentative EPs released back in 2010. He's got a feeling for sound placement on a record, never washing out important parts, and never placing undue prominence over something which doesn't arrest your attention. On Glacier he has managed to refine his skills, whilst imbuing charm throughout.

The main issues lie with Glacier's undeveloped themes. It's a fairly inconsistent record, and doesn't have too many recurring highlights which demand you listen again. Some tracks are definitely worth recommending, but a lot simply wash over the whole record without imprinting too much on your conscious. 'Alaska' starts the album strongly, a sun-spangled track, that both excites and moves gracefully within its five minutes. Both 'Flora' and 'Listen' link nicely into one another later into the running, but both begin to plod along, becoming a little bit predictable along the way.

Glacier is an album which doesn't go the whole distance. Teen Daze is certainly capable of better, we just haven't seen that from him yet. He's definitely got something about him, he just needs to show it in a better way than Glacier.