Label: Back Yard Recordings Release date: 5th October Website: Teenagersintokyo Myspace Teenagersintokyo open their AA side with vocals drenched in reverb, industrial snares and a haunting melody. Isabella is an impressively heavy sound for the australian band already sharing stages with the likes of CSS and Midnight Juggernauts; the shady disco influences they share here permeate the layers of grunge with lighting alacrity. Long Walk Home is a more melodic affair, as though MGMT drafted in a soft spoken front woman and laid down a track on a Valium downer. It is however instantly clear that where TIT (excellent acronym) excel is in the fluid, sliding bass lines set to synths, a harmonic overlap that throws the relatively simple but very effective vocal lines into sharp relief. Rhythmically it doesn't (try to) pioneer but creates such a solid sound that over the course of this teaser release, one can hear the beginnings of a much needed, heavier down-tempo accompaniment to the fading summer’s gleeful electro obsession. Teenagers In Tokyo have in the space of two songs (or 9:30 minutes) convinced me that their debut album produced by David Kosten (Bat for Lashes) and released in early 2010 will be a little sleazy, a good deal moody retrograde and quite excellent. Rating: 7.7/10