Label: Backyard Recordings Release date: 17/05/10 Link: Myspace Though not technically new, re-recorded for the Teenagersintokyo new album Sacrifice, this single is a deceptively dark anthem with a lot less to smile about than the energetic music would have you believe. The name might hint at suicidal despair as a first clue but this masquerades for a while as typical relationship grief and gradually unravels to reveal the potentially literal intentions behind the song title. It's fairly ambigious and there's certainly no self-pitying amidst the pulsing rhythm and stabs of guitar, so it's acceptable to want to dance to this in spite of the subject matter. They might sound familiar to a slew of bands that have popped up intermittently ever since The Killers pointed the way forward for guitar and synth combinations but there's so much here that is almost irresistible, it's a very lean, punchy track that is easy to like and better yet, to utilise another boxing/fighting analogy - it has some heavyweight themes too, and if you can hide that sort of stuff behind something as slick as this then you'll have a very cool single and - which is more - you'll be a man my son, maybe...I don't really know. Photobucket