Teeth don’t exactly hang about. Whether it’s their online misdemeanour's (hacking Lady Gaga’s twitter, posing as Will Self etc) or their brazen punk attitude or their music itself, they’ve always got something to say. It’s usually LOL, but it’s something to say. And this screw it all, for the hell of it, whatever attitude transfers perfectly to their stage show.

What was first apparent when arriving was how few people there were. Teeth are not exactly a small band – they’re playing a 150 capacity pub here, after having an album out on Moshi Moshi the week before. They should have a decent crowd – if not sold out, then close – but by 10 past 10 there was still a max of 70 people there which was slightly depressing. Those more taken by drink at the front, such as myself, were dancing a bit but again, the room was largely static. For a band so taken with being loud and in your face, there was precious little to work with.

But, having said that, they still pulled of an ace set. Whistling through their songs at their usual high pace and energy, they got people moving and enjoying themselves, largely down to Veronicas fantastic stage persona. Singing a lot in the crowd, she got people to start joining in and by the end of the set half the crowd was onstage dancing, and, despite laptop Simon worrying about something being on fire (it certainly smelt like it...) it was a great end to an impassioned set.

Teeth are here, and they’re getting louder and more exciting by the minute. They’re also getting tighter and more confident; just give them a crowd to party with.

Footnote: Thursday night (29/09/11) in Portsmouth Teeth had a load of personal items stolen from their van, as you can see in this tweet they sent out. If you’ve got any information from that night or saw anyone suspicious hanging around their van, please tell the police and Teeth (@t3eth, facebook) and hopefully they can stay chill and keep rad.