Label: Moshi Moshi Release Date: 16/10/10 Link: Official Site The ever-entertaining TEETH have in recent weeks been subject to their first dose of the hype machine, with ever increasing articles flying their way around (that ridiculous term) the blogosphere. In a future 405-ruled-land, and God willing it shall happen, that word would be punishable by capital punishment alongside the term ‘Sophomore’. Anyway, there’s a review to get on with. TEETH thankfully are worthy of their recent praises if debut single See Spaces is anything to go by, released through Moshi Moshi. Their barbed synth-punk aesthetic is equal parts abrasive salience and all-out pop, a rather tasty synergy. See Spaces has influence of Crystal Castles in both sound and vocals - though Veronica So’s styling’s may be similar in the screech and lyrical vagueness of Alice Glass, in terms of it’s relationship with the track as a whole it differs. So’s fuzzy vocals tend to be less abrasive and happier to take a backseat, thus melting into the well-crafted electronic layers. In fact, squint your ears and the ‘chill-wave’ (ergh) noise of Washed Out is apparent. The Dalston trio show a slightly darker, arguably more impressive side in the form of B-side Time Changes, a more beat-driven dirtier number with echoes of The Knife, if they were more serrated. Both tracks are still equally as brilliantly danceable mind. So much like Dalston’s transport situation, TEETH will no doubt emerge from the underground and join the Overground network in no time. We even got through the entire review without mentioning TEETH’s infamous Lady Ga Ga Twitter hack. Ah, wait a minute… Photobucket