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For a body of work that barely spans twenty minutes, one looks for a sound that is both three dimensional, and crying out for you to hit repeat. Brooklyn-based Tei Shi's second EP, Verde, she does just that.

With Verde, Tei Shi provides a more polished and mature body of work. Whilst her debut EP Saudade was a capella focused, Verde showcases the Argentinian born's sensual and infectious vocals over intricate and dainty production.

The EP opens with 'Can't Be Sure' which is harmoniously repeated throughout the song's duration. 'Bassically' is an immediate gem, through its infectious production and Tei Shi's airy vocals, and certainly the most pop sounding track on the EP - while the ballad-like 'See Me' is where Tei Shi really shines, with her vocals gliding over a slow, pulsating beat.

'Go Slow' is quickly followed by 'Get It' - the most R&B-infused track of the EP, with the electric piano, hi-hat and snare reminiscent of a Noughties slow jam. It caps off a well rounded EP in fine fashion, perhaps providing one of her most sultry performances to date.

Tei Shi's sound is incredibly diverse, making it difficult and limiting to pigeonhole her within one particular genre. Her minimalist approach to production puts the focus on her vocals which are a masterpiece of well-crafted and layered melodies. Improving on a stellar debut EP can often be tricky, but ultimately Verde proves that the songstress is far from just a mere flash in the pan. Once again, an artist has defied genre boundaries and created an EP that will no doubt propel her to stardom. To say Tei Shi has provided one of the strongest projects of the year so far is no exaggeration

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