If you don't already know of the Carbon Logic project, head here to check it out. It's a community where budding musicians upload their work. Every now and again a guest curator comes in and picks some tracks for a mixtape. From that a winner is picked and they get awarded with a prize such as a festival slot, time in the studio with a top producer… that sort of thing.

Carbon Logic Cycle #10 is curated by those New York tykes Telepathe. If you were to sit down and imagine what sort of music the girls spend their Saturday nights listen to, you'd be pretty spot on with this collection. That's not exactly surprising, and not exactly a bad thing either. You've got a nice selection of dub, hip hop and plenty of music that doesn't really fit a category at all.

As with so many mixtapes, the quality on show varies. At its best you get echoes of Roni Size, Del The Funky Homosapian and M.I.A. At the times it fails to deliver you find yourself wanting to give the tracks chance after chance though. After all, these are unsigned artists and a lot are still perfecting their craft. The winner, who gets the honour of having their song released on record alongside Telepathe's remix and cover of the track, was the shift key bothering AZitiZ. 'What Is Love' is not the strongest track on the album, but maybe the most polished. Far closer in sound to credible hip hop and neo soul releases of the late nineties and early noughties than the awful Black Eyed Peas monstrosity of the same name, it wouldn't sound out of place if I was currently reviewing a the debut album of somebody recently signed.

For what it's worth, I would have awarded the winner's rosette to Damgroove's fantatic 'Kids Killing Kids' or Subtitle's 'Consistent Knock'.