Label: Fortuna Pop Release date: 12/07/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon Nearly ten years since Tender Trap were born they have now released there third album Dansette Dansette. Made up of members from previous bands Marine Research, Heavenly and Talulah Gosh the now 5 piece London based group have put together 10 tracks of 60’s sounding teenage pop. The music is fun and all rather poppy, sometimes sad sometimes happy. I could imagine any of these tracks to be featured in one of rough trades ‘indie pop’ compilation records. Inspired by 60s girl groups, 70s art punk, 80s indie pop, 90s electronic pop the album opens with the title track ‘Dansette Dansette’ a catchy sad love song with great backing vocals. ‘Do you want a boyfriend’ is a cool sixties sounding pop song, a pattern which is evident a couple of tracks into the album. There is clever use of lyrics, play on words and even a mention of Jesus and Mary Chain in one of the verses. Latest single ‘Girls with Guns’ is available via download for free from The single is darker and faster with a more punk inspired edge is probably the highlight of the album. Dansette Dansette holds a certain charm in the jangly indie guitar, repetitive drum beats and cool catchy backing vocals and harmonies. Singer Amelia Fletcher’s voice doesn’t sound strong on any of the tracks but like the album, I somehow warmed to it after a few listens. I found myself humming the melodies while making a cup of tea, tidying up, ironing? It’s all very warm and nice. It’s safe easy listening lo-fi pop. Not the most exciting music and I wouldn’t be belting this out before a night out. It’s more of a soundtrack to a trip out to the countryside, in a convertible with the roof top down, picnic in a wicker basket, women wearing headscarves sort of vibe. Nothing stands out strong enough to really grab me and ask me to play this again and again. In my opinion there are better and more exciting similar bands out now like The Dum Dum Girls and Veronica Falls. It’s a good sounding pop album showing good song writing, arrangements and catchy choruses. Tender Trap can certainly write a pop song or two but it just doesn’t quite pull me in deep enough to care. If you want music to iron to or are planning to whiz around country lanes in the sunshine then I suggest you get involved. Photobucket