So word is that it's our last day of summer, our one week allowance of amazing sunshine per year is almost up, or so the doom-mongers are declaring anyway. If that's the case then I'm feeling pretty lucky that I'm spending my last summers-eve in the presence of the sweet Denver-based Tennis for some breezy, achy songs of yester-year. With first LP 'Cape Dory' the product of husband and wife team Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley's months of sailing and travelling, the follow up 'Young and Old' is all based in a single summer also written on another of the couple's sailing trips. It's all rather perfect for this seaside town as the room is full of burnt punters having spend an entire day down at the sea.

The absolutely tiny Alaina, dressed in high-waisted jeans and a cropped shirt with long golden locks stands behind her keyboards, whilst red-headed Patrick bops around on guitar to her left. Backed by James Barone on the drums and another member on a second keyboard Tennis open their set with 'Take Me To Heaven' and '' to a fairly decent sized crowd, who, feet stuck to the floor are all swaying and shaking in time to these blissful indie-pop songs.

Whilst Alaina spends the majority of time behind her keys, she does step away and into centre stage for a small number of songs, telling the audience that she tires herself out trying to dance too much but still manages to muster the energy to shake her hips for a whole song, in a very adorable style. That, combined with the sideways glances and grins between the couple, it's all rather cute and incredibly twee but genuine at least. A refreshing change from posing, attitudes and inter-band arguing, at certainly one of Tennis's great draws.

Songs from the previous LP like title track 'Cape Dory' and 'Marathon' receive some the loudest cheers of thee evening, there was even a brand new track thrown into the mix which was well received also.

As the band leave the stage there's no denying the crowd are dying for more, not wanting the evening to end.