Over the last 12 months there has been a veritable explosion of bands that remind us of happier, less stressful times. The more stressful the world gets the more we flock to bands with uplifting sunny side up names like Best Coast, Beach House, Surf City, Surfer Blood and a dreamy, retro sound that recalls the simpler, supposedly sunnier times of the 60s. Rose tinted hearing aids are the must have accessory for the music lover of 2012.


With the release of Young & Old, the follow up to last year's debut Cape Dory, Denver husband-and-wife duo Tennis serve up an AOR treat that could easily be an application to join the increasingly crowded retro pop scene. It's a more grown up record than their debut, the sound is fuller (Patrick Carney of the Black Keys produced), the hooks are sharper and the percussion beefier. With their sat-nav set to the middle of the road they've replaced the de rigueur surf pop moves of their debut with something a little more mainstream.

The album's first single 'Origins', with it's captivating guitar, girl group vocals and driving keyboards sounds like it's stormed out of a time capsule buried in 1958. If it was any catchier scientists would be frantically searching for an anti-dote. The second single from the album 'My Better Self' is soulful pop so radio friendly it'll fellate your aerial. Opening track ‘It All Feels The Same’ caresses the ears like a warm summer breeze while 'Dreaming' is so sweet one listen could induce a diabetic coma. It may be drizzling outside, the world may be going to hell in a handcart and the future may look bleak but whack Young & Old on the Ipod, close your eyes and you can almost convince yourself that everything is going to be ok.

With a name that conjures up images of strawberries and cream, emerald green grass, white flannel trousers and sunshine and an album full of sounds so retro they've been dipped in melamine, Tennis are clearly heading for centre court.