Electronic Body Music has been surprisingly overlooked in the last few years of the 80's fetish that's grown. Minimal Wave and Cold Wave have made a comeback, with every Frenchman in the 80's with a synth becoming a new hero, we've had the (horrible) renaissance of 80's synth revival, culminating in some of the dredges of chillwave but we're yet to have a proper revival in Cold Wave's steroid popping, whip bearing, mustachio'd cousin, EBM. Until now.

The beauty of //TENSE//, and all of the EBM genre, is the pace and unrelenting nature of the beat. It really does sound like the soundtrack to the tight leather clad holocaust, with its industrial tendencies worn proudly on its sleeve and the allusion to the saner side of Throbbing Gristle poking it's ugly head through every now and then, most notably on 'Unmanned Cars', the first half of which could have come off of The First Annual Report.

Though all the tracks contain the same deliberately weird post industrial ring, the first side of the EP comes across as stronger than the second. Where //TENSE// excel is where they can make tunes that can be danced to, tunes that while experimental in nature, are also songs that could be found in the basements of Camden. Because their sound, on this EP and the last, is so orientated to the tradition sense of upbeat, pure dirty EBM, when they try and slow things down it doesn't work. On the second half, they try this, and while for half of 'Unmanned Cars' does sound like a particularly fine Carter Tutti jam with some Sleazy weirdness and fucked up GPO vox, the last 3 or 4 minutes sound like some of the less successful Einstürzende Neubauten tracks, and shows their weakness in slower compositions.

That said, the overall EP has to be one of the most interesting things to come out of the 80's revival scene as a whole of late. 'Body Conscious' and 'Disconnect Myself' (despite the cheesy intro) have to be two of the finest tracks to have escaped the revival, right up there with the freezing synths of Led Er Est and the fuzzy grooves of The Murder Act. One of the best EPs of late by far.