Image by Barnie Page Words by Aaron Hunt Happy Easter! This week on The405 Art Roundup - Techno Graffiti, Swedish Doodles, The BEAR-necessities of Anime, Emo Pop Art and Patchwork Quilt Felt Tip Fun!!! Check it out! Artist: The Mac Link: The Mac is back! Well, technically he never left - but I think its fair to say that Mac is now one of my new favorite Graffiti/Mural painters of all time! Mac's urban canveses has been seen to spread across LA and New York and even go as far as Puerto Rico, South Korea, Denmark and Milan, Now that's what I call "Hitting Up" (street speak for doing graffiti in many different areas). Mac's unfathomable and robotic style rather reminds me of something from the film TRON. Urban art has always been something I've been a fan of and The Mac certainly turns white washed and brown bricked walls, into hip stunning 21st century masterpieces. Artist: Asa Wikman Link: Coming in at #2 is a happy little piece sent in by Swedish female animator and illustrator Asa Wikman. Asa, who proclaims herself as a self confessed "doodling addict" also dabbles in funky pattern design and animated films. Asa's cheerful art work, that could successfully accompany any children's book in illustration, never fails to raise a tooth filled grin! And who knew Goats needed braces? You heard it here first! This piece reminds me a lot of a cartoon version of something you would see on LOLCats. Artist: Luke Chueh Link: If there are any left, fans of Fall Out Boy might recognize the art work of Luke Chueh from gracing the cover of their Folie a Duex album. But where one can question the talent of an otherwise lackluster band, one cannot deny the talent seeping through the pores of Luke Chueh. Although Luke's empathetic paintings of anime styled animals fighting,killing and hurting themselves as well as each other may comes as dark and depressing, the fact that these are anime style cartoons makes the whole thing rather comical if not a little sick. Artist: Tara McPherson Link: Ok, so a heart shaped chunk missing out of someones chest with heart shaped bubbles being blown through it might appear to some of you as a bit, well how can I put it? Emo?! But Tara McPherson's heartless herd of lost souls seem to be rather content without a ticker. McPherson's placement of frolicking slender beauties amidst vast fantasy scapes make you wonder if having a heart isn't really just a con, stopping dreams being lived rather then aiding in their conception. Really trippy stuff Artist: Laura Redburn Link: Our final entry this week was sent in by Laura Redburn. Laura's art work is rather refreshing to say the least. It's bursting with bright dazzling colour, It's cool, It's busy and most importantly - It's current! Laura's use of mixed media means that no piece is the same - from the conventional pencil, paint and pen and beyond! The result brings with it a lucid warm fuzzy nostalgic feeling that I can only describe as snuggling up to a well used patch work quilt! If you would like your art work to be featured in the next Roundup, then send a message to us at -