Image by Barnie Page Words by Aaron Hunt I really didn't expect my first week compiling the Art Roundup to be so difficult! I figured It'd be a piece of cake. But evidently there are a wide range of artists out there that appear to be coming out from the art scenes nooks and crannies with alarming pace. Picking just 5 from that ever expanding menu proved to be quite the task! I did however managed to whittle the masses down to my personal Top 5 after many pain staking hours (well maybe a few). Please check out the links as I'm sure the images I've chosen don't do the artists in question the justice they deserve! Artist: Sas Christian Link: At a first glance, one could easily mistake Sas Christian's incredibly CGI like oil paintings to be the charachters of a new R rated Pixar animation. The female form is a beautiful thing and Sas really captures this with her own unblemished, wide eyed and larger then life interpretation. Everyone of Sas's paintings has a story - be it a black female astronaut or a smirking house wife with blood smeared over her shirt, there's really more then meets the eye. Artist: Uncle Mildred Link: Despite not having an Uncle called Mildred myself, the artist of the same name makes it into this weeks #2 spot. Mildred's style is a very comical one to say the least. One that reminds me a lot of the cartoon drawings seen in the early Beano and Dandy comics that I used to read as a kid. Cartoon Monsters and Animals are always a pleasure to look at. Artist: John Casey Link: John Casey is an interesting charachter and so is his art! People with hot air balloon and potato sized heads with carrot shaped noses and elongated limbs and other bizarre misshapeness serve as the forte to John Casey's universe of disfigured charachters. Casey has also branched out into making life size models of his drawings, which carry just as much incoherence in 3D as they do on paper. Artist: HonkeyKong Link: Old school tattoo art mixed with an edgy graffiti style makes its way in at #4 this week as HonkeyKong delivers some colorful cartoon charachters that remind me a lot of the Ren & Stimpy cartoon series on Nickelodeon back in the day. Artist: Kevin E Taylor Link: And last, but by no means least - we have a painting of a giant octopus by Kevin E Taylor. Besides most of Kevin's other pieces being animalistically fascinating, I really found this piece to be the most prominent of his collection. The pinks and reds against a dark murky background make for a hugely atmospheric and moody piece. I'd give this one 8 out of 8 tentacles! If you would like your art work to be featured in the next Roundup, then send a message to us at -