Hello! We decided to run another singles roundup as the promo list is as long as a giraffes neck at the moment! So sit back, relax and enjoy our reviews of upcoming singles! - The 405 Ak-Momo - Greasy Spoon (23/03/09) The latest single by Ak-Momo, Greasy Spoon, is the first song i've ever head by the experimental Swedish duo Anna Karin von Malhmborg, aka AK, and Mattias Olsson. It's dreamy, twee and ambient but too short for my liking. It's more of a taster then a full blown musical experience. www.myspace.com/akmomomusic Rating: 6/10 Mascott - 4th Of July You know summer is just around the corner when a band like Mascott, aka Kendall Meade, releases a single like this. It's basically a shot of summer sunshine wrapped up in the disguise of a two minute twee-pop song. The only problem is that it falters for the same reason that Ak-Momo's song did; it's over too quickly. www.myspace.com/mascott Rating: 6.5/10 *SINGLE OF THE WEEK* Operahouse - Genius Child (30/03/09) When Operahouse first came out they created new-wave songs but a few years on from that their sound has developed and has turned into something quite remarkable. I remember reading an article a few years ago whereby the singer suggested they'd like to sound more like Radiohead. At the time this seemed insane but with the release of 'Genius Child' they've definitely stepped into the right territory. Great stuff. www.myspace.com/operahousehq Rating: 8.5/10 The Wave Pictures - If You Leave It Alone (13/04/09) I really like the Wave Pictures. Their songs always sound so effortless and lovely but their latest single 'If You Leave It Alone' sounds a little bit too relaxing for me. It sort of plods along and never really ends up going anywhere. Do me a favour though, head over to their myspace page and check out some of the songs on their music player. You won't be disapointed. Rating: 6.5/10 The Maybes? - Trick Of The Light (30/03/09) I'm not sure what I dislike the most. The way lead singer Lee Smith manages to sound like a carbon copy of Ricard Ashcroft or just how boring the song is. I guess it's got a certain level of commercial appeal to it but that doens't mean its any good. Just another indie band? So far, yes. www.myspace.com/themaybesliverpool Rating: 4/10 Hundred Reasons - I'll Never Know (30/03/09) Sometimes bands should just give up right? Well in the case of Hundred Reasons thats complete rubbish because if their latest single is anything to go by, the future is rosey for these guys. It's classic upbeat HR without all the filler of the last few albums. Awesome! www.myspace.com/hundredreasons Rating: 7.5/10 Fightstar - Mercury Summer (06/04/09) I like to approach any review with an open mind and I feel the latest single by Fightstar, 'Mercury Summer', is proof of that becuase I actually quite like it. It's a tad bit messy at times and I'm still not overly keen on Charlie Simpsons vocals but overall it's not too bad. www.myspace.com/fightstarmusic Rating: 6.8/10 Doves - Kingdom of Rust (30/03/09) It might have been a while since Manchester based Doves have been in the charts but they're back for another crack and it's not too bad at all. It all centres around a pounding bass line, which is the kind of thing they do well but unfortunately,  the song just doesn't end up going anywhere, which is the feeling I get with most of their songs. I've heard far worse this year though. www.doves.net Rating: 6/10 Mike TV - Lie Low, Lilo (02/03/09) Seriously, who buys this kind of music? We're all friends with someone thats in a pop-punk band that try to be funny, try really hard to sound like Green Day and go on stage wearing the same clothes (except for the fact that they wear different coloured ties) but why are we friends with those people? I just don't get it. Awful, awful, awful song. You get one point for the Charlie and The Chocolate Factory reference. www.myspace.com/miketv Rating: 1/10