Singles Roundup Every so often we like to collect up al the latest singles and give them the 405 treatment. Have a read and let us know what you think! Invasion - Conjure War If I could break down the rating system to different sub categories like musicality/vocals etc It would totally make my life easier because I really don't like the song but I think the lead singer (Chan Brown) has an interesting quality to her voice. More Psych and less Metal next time please. Rating: 4/10 Release Date: 01/06/09 People In Planes - Mayday (M'aidez) People in Planes are a tough bunch to pin down. On one hand they sound a bit cheesy and on the other they sound like they've been taking music lessons from an end of world time traveler. 'Mayday' is pretty much another slice of that PIP pie but you know what? I quite like it. It's not quite as good as 'Step Out On The Wing' though. Rating: 7/10 Release Date: 25/05/09 The Alexandria Quartet - The Dark Side Of The Blues This song is the musical equivalent of Swine Flu. It's catchy and probably not as harmful as you first thought. It's also relentless and I like it. Superb upbeat indie music done by some talented buggers. What more could you ask for? Rating: 7/10 Release Date: 25/05/09 Buck Brothers - When I Look At You (All I Think About Is Sex) Are they as bad as their name or the name of the single? Not quite but it's a damn close call. It's punky/it's a bit silly and ultimately it's a bit pointless. Rating: 2/10 Release Date: 01/06/09 Andrea Faithful - Rock The Flex If you've ever watched American Idol/X-Factor/Britains Got Talent, you'll notice that Mr Cowell often says "that's the worst thing I've ever heard" (or variations on the theme). Well I'm sorry mate but unless you've heard the latest song by the 'I'm blonde and have page 3 boobies' singer, you've got no right to say those words again. Rating: 0/10 Release Date: 01/06/09 Swimming - Panthalassa/Crash The Current 'Panthalassa' is like hearing Cave In at their finest, a million things are going on at once but it's 100% coherent. 'Crash The Current' kind of proves why I'm not a huge fan of double a-sides though as it's pulls focus away from the superior first song. Either way, it's a solid effort, just lacking in any sort of staying power. Rating: 6/10 Release Date: 01/06/09 Hockey - Learn To Lose Hockey have been getting a lot of love from certain areas of The 405 editorial team and their latest single, 'Learn To Lose', goes a long way towards proving them right but I cant help but feel something's missing in this track. At points it's got a great summery vibe to it but it just seems to drag on. Rating: 6/10 Release Date: 01/06/09 Findlay Napier & The Bar Room Mountaineers - When Harry Met Charlie Twee has always been a rather hit and miss genre of music in my opinion. For Twee fanatics the phrase "That's too Twee" is like saying "god isn't real" to a bunch of Christians. I'm sad to say that I don't believe in god and I believe this song is far too Twee and not all that good really. Rating: 4/10 Release Date: 01/06/09 The Xcerts- Just Go Home How this band are not at the top of the charts is beyond me. 'Just Go Home' is angsty and brilliant. But then again, I was always a sucker for backing vocal 'woooooos'. Rating: 8/10 Release Date: 01/06/09 The Mummers - Wonderland So far this singles roundup has included pretty much every genre of music but even so late in the game, The Mummers are still fighting for the "odd" crown. It's like dream music for romantics and I'm totally down with that. Rating: 7/10 Release Date: 01/06/09 Crazy Arm - Broken By The Wheel This is my first ever Crazy Arm experience and I still don't know how to take it. It's got at least 4 different genres of music to it from Metal to Gogol Bordello style weirdness. I think I like it though. Ask me in a week for proper confirmation. Rating: 7/10 Release Date: 25/05/09 Boy Crisis - Dressed To Digress If DFA ever decided to get back together I have a feeling they would sound like these guys. Ok, it might take a stretch of the imagination to pull it off but sleaze is sleaze right? Any song that has the words "You can do me like Bruce Springsteen/Ask the swim team/Pass the string beans" is good by me. Rating: 7.5/10 Release Date: 08/06/09 Crystal Stilts - Love Is A Wave *SINGLE OF THE WEEK* The 405 have mad love for Crystal Stilts (not as good as Crystal Antlers though) and 'Love Is A Wave' shows just how right we are. The perfect pop song? I think so. Rating: 9/10 Release Date: 25/05/09