Hello! Welcome to another singles roundup whereby we dissect the latest singles (and EP's) that will be heading your way in the coming weeks! Art Brut - Alcoholics Unanimous (06/04/09) Art Wave band Art Brut are back with another slice of catchy indie pie. They have a knack of sounding so different to other Biritsh Indie bands whilst obviously producing the same style of music. It's not the best song on the new album, Art Brut vs Satan, but is worth checking out. www.myspace.com/artbrut Rating: 6/10 Loner - I'm Not Sorry (06/04/09) London's biggest Loner might just have stay that way as his latest single, 'I'm Not Sorry', manages to go nowhere fast. It's a bland pop song with an awfully dull drum beat pounding away in the background. You may not be sorry mate but you should be. www.myspace.com/loneruk Rating: 3/10 The Virgins - Rich Girls (13/04/09) As far as ludicrously catchy/cheesy songs go, 'Rich Girls' certainly is up there but funnily enough it works quite well. I'm not a huge fan of the singers vocals but that bass line would make a 90 year old pensioner dance and that's got to be worth something! www.myspace.com/thevirginsnyc Rating: 7/10 A Scholar & Physician - She's A Witch / I'm Not Normal / Shouldn't Dwell (20/04/09) Triple A-Side!?!? Blimey. The First track, 'She's a Witch', is the in your face synth classic, the second track 'I'm Not Normal' is just brilliant. I don't know how they've done it but they've managed to pack 100% pure fun times into a two and half minute track and  'Shouldn't Dwell' reminds me of something Beck/The Presets might come up with. It's a nice contrast to the upbeat nature of the previous two tracks but isn't my favourite of the three. Overall, very good! www.myspace.com/ascholarandaphysician Rating: 7/10 Buick McKane - Sitting In The Rain In My Car (27/04/09) Catchy alternative indie music that I like? Wow. 'Sitting In The Rain My Car' is the first song i'd ever heard by Buick McKane and I was pleasently surprised. It's not groundbreaking but it's also not a kick in the teeth like most songs of a similar style seem to do. www.myspace.com/buickmckane Rating: 7/10 Sky Larkin - Antibodies (27/04/09) *Joint song of the week* I've never really been exposed to a lot of Sky Larkins music but on the basis of their latest single, 'Antibodies', I'll be changing that very soon. Lead singer Katie Harkin has an incredibely warm voice and I couldn't get enough of this track. Beautiful stuff. www.myspace.com/skylarkinskylarkin Rating: 8/10 Hook & The Twin - Race For The Bone If their name puts you off then I suggest that you form your own name for them and just listen to the music because it's intense. 'Race For The Bone' is an electro beauty with the hardest hitting bass line I've heard so far this year. Good work. www.myspace.com/hookandthetwin Rating: 7/10 My Tiger My Timing - This Is Not The Fire The latest single by London based My Tiger My Timing, 'This is Not The Fire', starts off sounding like a groovier Foals but it soons moves into 80's territory once the chorus kicks in, which is catchy as hell by the way. They come a close second place to Sky Larkin/LoveLikeFire with this release. www.myspace.com/mytigermytiming Rating: 7.5/10 LoveLikeFire - William *Joint song of the week* LoveLikeFire are an amazing band from Las Vegas/San Fran and their latest single, 'William', is proof of their amazingness, though not really proof of where they're from. You'll just have to believe me on that one. They make alternative rock music with an airy quality to it, which perfectly compliments singer Ann Yun's beautiful vocals which remind me of 'Lovers Spit' era Feist. www.myspace.com/lovelikefire Rating: 8/10 Nephu Huzzband - No Not Ever I've reviewed this guys a few times before and they've always come across as being a bit hit. Sadly their latest single 'No Not Ever' is a big miss. I have no issues with short songs but even at 1:03 this song just felt too long. It honestly feels like they've pressed record on the tape deck at a rehearsal and decided to release what they got. Try again boys. www.myspace.com/nephuhuzzband Rating: 4/10