When you count hot-shot musical arranger Julien Vichnievsky, French remixer extraordinaire Cedric Pilooski, US producer-rapper Timbaland and Duran Duran producer Nile Rodgers amongst your eclectic mix of friends, collaborators and admirers, you know you must be doing something right.

In the case of The Aikiu, led by Parisien vocalist Alexander Aikiu, it's taken a few hops around the globe distilling the disco, electro-pop and new wave of NYC circa 1981 along the way to refine a sound that has attracted attention and drew interest from such luminaries.

Aikiu's The Red Kiss EP is inspired by the sinister waking dream ambience of low budget 1962 horror Carnival of Souls - the end product being a perfect slice of electro-pop noir where the darker vocal style of Simon Le Bon channelled over a distorted hand-clap and synth driven track seems entirely in its place.

Holding their own on the EP are four sleek remixes from leading French techno whizzkid Louis Brodinski and Belgian remixer The Magician plus a superbly ominous take by Dutch producer Palmbomen.

In 'The Red Kiss', Aikiu sings "Death is in love with me". Whilst The Grim Reaper may not be the most renowned or trustworthy of music critics, on this occasion he is spot on.