Release Date: 10/11/08 Label: Universal Digital/Crash Records Link:

Female fronted rock bands are always going to hit more hurdles than a male fronted rock band. It’s just a fact of life and the fact that I’m even mentioning in this review only goes to prove my point. Though saying that Paramore’s phenomenal success only helps other bands, like The Antix, be taken more seriously, this, in my opinion, is vital.

I’d like to say off the bat that they sound nothing like Paramore, or No Doubt or any other major female fronted bands out there. What they do sound like is a pretty solid indie-rock band, with more emphasis on the rock than indie. The single itself isn’t anything special but track two ‘The Cat’ shows their potential if they get the write producer behind them.

Who knew a five piece indie-rock from west Yorkshire could rock this hard?

Rating: 3/5