Label:Simian Records Release date: 14/04/10 Link: Myspace The seventh album from the Apples In Stereo (and the second for Simian Records, founded by fan Elijah Wood) seems reassuringly familiar from the first listen. The entire album sounds like a 70’s vision of what 2010 would be like, with poppy AOR melodies gelling with the helium-high voice of singer Robert Schneider (often distorted by vocoder) and lyrics about space and robots. It’s not hard to spot the bands that influenced the album. “Dream About The Future” has the greatest chorus ELO never wrote and “Wings Away” must have Jeff Lynne rushing to call his lawyers. Meanwhile “It’s All Right” could easily have come straight from Jellyfish’s “Spilt Milk”. At times, the album veers dangerously close to being sickeningly sweet, with Schneider’s sugary voice potentially grating after prolonged exposure. However, the songs are so well written that it’s hard not to fall in love with it, each chorus being more incessantly catchy than the last. After all this sweetness and light it’s almost a shock when “Dignified Dignitary” kicks off with a burst of guitar, but this is soon accompanied by honey-dripped backing vocals and a mighty glam stomp, reminiscent of mid-90’s indie-rockers Catherine. Other moments recall the Super Furry Animals at their most laid back or “Moon Safari”-era Air, yet the album still sounds unique, the band allowing their own personality to shine through. If the Jetsons made a psychedelic disco album, with Ellroy on vocals, it would sound like this and this is every bit as awesome as that sounds. Photobucket