Label: Jagjaguwar Release date: 09/03/10 Official website Between the shoegaze guitars and often doubletracked vocals, the latest LP from Canadian [prefix]-rockers The Besnard Lakes, The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night must have pushed the limits of the Led Zeppelin board owned by lead guitarist and vocalist Jace Lasek. Rather than bog down this text with “deep explorations of the meaning of guitar feedback” or “what the true meaning of the spy narrative is,” here are some interlaced haikus describing this fine, fine, superfine album. One minute of noise Intense guitars raining down My mind is heavy Sing, Elysian! Female? Falestto Lasek? Either will appease. Time is wearing thin. One more interlude, ah yes. What is this next song? A train of heavy! Fall on leaden tape and crush!! Now all is ending. Photobucket