Label: 4AD Release date: 26/04/10 Link: Myspace London Duo, The Big Pink return with another catchy, fuzzy and blippy track. Sharing more in common with Keane than Sonic Youth they provide another sweet tasting shandy from a pop lemonade and noise rock lager. Anyone who has heard ‘Dominos’ (read: anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for a year) should be familiar with the format of dragging songs that sound like they could be Placebo b-sides into anthem status with an overblown and repetitive chorus. ‘Tonight’ follows the pattern almost down to the letter, bringing with it the oddly off-key vocals that never seem to be moving at quite the same pace as the rest of the track. The verse is plain at best, baring best resemblance to A.Human’s ‘Fraudulent Truths of An Office Worker’. Just nowhere near as witty or well-observed. Nevertheless it serves its purpose to lead the listener into an obnoxious sing-along chorus. It’s not all bad points though, the bassline is effective and carries the song with a verve and energy the other parts seem to lack. Unnervingly though it seems more than likely that the ever so melodramatic chorus of “Tonight you take a part of my life” will remain in your thoughts long after you’ve dismissed the song as watered down Health under the direction of Simon Cowell. Photobucket