This, the debut album from The Birthday Suit opens with ‘Do You Ever?’, a track with plenty of clout, slipping cleanly and effortlessly into ‘Hope Me Home’, a jaunty, cheerful number, with bright and bubbly harmonies. The vocals on this are far clearer and crisper than its predecessor.

‘Sell It All’ has that predictable drum-solo intro, but, as usual, it spells This Is Good, demanding your full attention. ‘Sell It All’ starts a little weak (intro aside) but it soon picks itself up and turns into a really very nice little pop song. Four tracks in and you might be forgiven for thinking that you had The Birthday Suit sussed, but their fifth offering, ‘They Say I Love You’ is a break from the loud pop-inflected rock. Instead, this one is beautiful, soaring and poignant, before returning to the pop-rock we’ve come to know and love already.

Most of the album, really, wouldn’t be too far out of place on an Idlewild album…I guess it’s inevitable that The Birthday Suit would be compared to Idlewild, and it’s hard not to, but that’s ok. Yes, you can hear it, but it’s more than that. This isn’t Idlewild II.

In all, this is a great album from a soon-to-be-great band. The Birthday Suit are surely destined for bigger and better things, and The Eleventh Hour is an album to be treasured.