Soon to obliterate the UK with their infectious resonance (if rock n roll were the plague), The Black Tambourines third EP Chica, will undoubtedly assist the bands status, catalysing their popularity just in time to potentially sell out venues.

With track titles such as ‘White Album’, the swingin’ black and white cover art and the evident tumultuous fusion of psychedelic surf, their 60s influence is far from secrete. Jovial vocal melodies and riffs surface a consistent buzz, obtaining the band’s previous lo-fi stature (and gracing this E.P with their renowned ‘oooh’s), yet The Black Tambourines have cautiously composed well-structured tracks to satisfy their recently established fanbase.

‘27-25 Blues’ embraces further conventions than mere 60s rock n roll. Thieving Detroit- ridden raw tones and delivering a brawny guitar solo, The Black Tambourines have created a sound far greater than what Cornwall, or anywhere in the Southwest, can digest.

Chica EP is available on cassette and digital download in courtesy of Art Is Hard records. It’s about time for an album, don’t you think?