The Border Surrender sound like they shouldn’t be from North London. Instead they are an imagined lovechild of Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, crooning over sounds which evoke lonely dusty American highways. ‘If You Pass Me By’ opens the Lean Season EP, a triumphant belter with an indistinguishable multi layered musical honeypot of melodies, defiant vocals, crashing drums and guitar riffs.

The EP takes a melancholic turn for the next track, and bluesy ‘Call to Prayer’ sets a moody, brooding tone, with pulsating drums, defiant vocals and a rhythmic doomsday clicking not dissimilar from Talking Head’s anthem ‘Psycho Killer’. ‘Mariner’s Wife’ is my favourite track, with Fleet Foxes esque harmonies and a thigh slapping wall of sound which urge uncontrolled folk cries and an intense desire to see the band perform live.

‘What Happens At The Estuary’ concludes this musical foray. It is a showcase for Keith Austin’s haunting vocals, and envelopes the EP in a brooding blanket of American blues noir. Intensely atmospheric, the track is captivating.

Lean Season is the third release from this well established, technically and musically sound foursome and was released on the 6th June by Smoky Carrot Records. The EP perfectly encapsulates their musical dexterity and textuality, and a listen takes the listener on a lonely journey through storm ridden barren landscapes.