After listening to "Wild Streaks and Windy Days" by Austin, Texas band The Boxing Lesson I found it to effectively mix the genres of neo-psychedelic and post-punk, while throwing in some shoegazer with an icing of synth and electronics. I was enjoying how each song flowed well into one another until I came to the song Hopscotch and Soda Pop. After the song Lower I expected the band to continue on with a more grand shoegazer feel, but was disappointed when they switched gears and went into a fairly basic pop song. I did enjoy the song Muerta quite a bit as it began as a slow shoegazer influenced ballad but built up into a grand finale featuring an effective use of synthesizers. The Boxing Lesson seems to borrow a bit from Interpol, Slowdive, and even some Pink Floyd to create their own sound here. Overall I found it to be an enjoyable album, though I look forward to their next effort as I hope they will pull together the stronger elements from Wild Streaks and Windy Days to achieve a more cohesive sound. Check out the song Muerta below. The Boxing Lesson - Muerta