Release date: 01/03/10 Website: Myspace Label: Chess Club ‘Acoustic nu-folk’ is certainly the genre du temps at present, and one has to wonder if we really need another new artist strumming his heartache all over our ears, but on first listen of title track ‘Home’ off the debut EP from Colin McLeod AKA The Boy Who Trapped The Sun you quickly realize that there is a little more to this chap than an acoustic guitar and a pained heart. ‘Home’ is a swaggering, richly layered mid tempo affair about feeling out of place in the big city and searching for some semblance of security and belonging. As a native of the Isle Of Lewis but now resident in London Town you can understand McLeod’s sentiment, even if the lyrics are a little clichéd: ‘home is where you lay your hat, my head lies between the cracks’. With a Nick Drake inspired acoustic bass line and vocal harmonics mildly reminiscent of Grizzy Bear, it is an impressive toe tapping start to this debut. The rest of the EP takes a rather downbeat turn, with McLeod stripping it back to more simple acoustica, with a few pianos thrown in for good measure. Charming, well crafted and at times heartbreakingly beautiful, McLeod is an adept and creative songwriter. Winsome ballad ‘The Fox’ is a beautiful example of McLeod’s talent for melancholic and wistful minor harmonies with some lovely lyrics: ‘Happiness exists when it’s shared’. ‘Lying To Get On Your Good Side’ is a bouncy and catchy little country ditty with buckets of vocal echo and a stripped back guitar creating an ethereal and dreamlike quality which, although perhaps a little derivative, is a pleasure to hear. McLeod is no doubt an accomplished musician, a great vocalist, a talented songwriter. There are moments of near perfection here, but one wonders whether he can retain his twinkle in the eye charm and quirkiness across a whole album, since that is what makes him stand out from what is fast becoming an oversaturated Nu-Folk/acoustica scene. Fingers crossed. Photobucket