Release date: Out Now! Website: The Brothers Movement Myspace It is not hard to see why Dubliners The Brothers Movement have opened for The Jesus and Mary Chain as well as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Reverberating through the neo-psychedelic, garage-rock tones of both 'Standing Still' and 'Lay Alone' is the clear echo of a sound which can be traced all the way back to The Velvet Underground. The former (And principal) track also bears out a fondness for groups such as Oasis and The Stone Roses, with some guitar work that sounds a lot like the opening to 'Lyla' and Neil Paxton's vocals carrying hints of Gallagher and Brown. That said, though these influences are clearly discernible, 'Standing Still' is not simply a rehash of notable rock bands. TBM have managed to create an accomplished and cohesive single that owes just as much to their own talents as anyone that has inspired them. Taking its time with a steady drumbeat and enriched with distorted guitar and dirty bass this is a track clearly made by accomplished musicians. However, it is a shame that the band have not used 'Lay Alone' as the leading track. Mixing all of the above with sixties inspiration that I can't quite put my finger on, this song bears a far stronger stamp of the band's originality. What's more, it is a wonderfully haunting song, which if anything is greater proof of the groups song-writing ability. Still, snap one up and you shall get the other so snap up both you must! Rating: 8/10 Too much 'Jesus and Mary' or 'Fresh and Exciting'? Sound off in our Fourum!