Label:Carnival Town / Mercer Street. Release date: 19/04/10 Link: Myspace Without knowing the charming (!) title for the first song from The Candle Thieves new album, Sunshine and Other Misfortunes, you could guess it's just a twee indie band. Until the chorus breaks with a yearning confirmation: “We're all gonna die”. Add to that platitude the bracketed (Have Fun) and you have the sound of The Candle Thieves: indie with a sense of humour. There are some heavy, slightly overdriven riffs here and there, just to keep your interest. Still, the songs mostly feel like lullabies left simmering for a while, and the first impression of humour goes slightly away, rendering the songs still sunny and shiny, but with some inherent sadness, like the one you get from a music box. 'My little room', (ah, that's a factory of smiles) and 'Catching Wasps' made me think of Iain Banks' 'The Wasp Factory', but in a more family-friendly kind-of-way. It's slow, almost minimalist but it's another corker hidden in the middle of the album. Even if the line begins to blur towards the middle (some songs are hard to tell apart), the piece-de-resistance lies in the last three, interconnected songs, named 'Singapore'. Part I (Flight) is a sweet little ditty that sounds like a musical box (designed by Trent Reznor in a good day, pre-wedding, hopefully). It segues into Part II (.....), which goes for an ambient mood as vivid as a lucid dream. It takes some time to get into and the middle mark of the album might not deliver as well as the beginning, but the wait is well worth taking, as that final trilogy of songs are a thing of beauty. Absolute beauty. It might even change the perception of the slightly less-great mid riff of the album; a not very gracing muffin top in an otherwise fit album. Photobucket