As predictable as the changing of the seasons is the fact that each January sees scores of new bands getting labelled as 'ones to watch' for the new year. To this list, you can add with confidence the name of the Collectable Few, whose debut single shows huge promise.

'Headstrong' (which comes with a superfluous remix that adds nothing new to the song) is one of those songs that doesn't leap out on first listen, but slowly ends up getting imbedded in your brain until you find yourself constantly humming it at work (I speak from personal experience). Kicking off with a burst of twanging guitars and rhythmic drums, the summery sound of their music contrasts with the hint of melancholy in the vocals of singer Tarek as he sings about a difficult relationship. The effect is reminiscent of Orange Juice, recalling Edwyn Collins' gift for planting lyrics about the troubles of love in the middle of a catchy summery pop song. 'Headstrong' builds up to a big, fist-clenching chorus, Tarek pleading that he "always knew I was headstrong" in a way that suggests he's trying to convince himself as well as the listener. The end result is that 'Headstrong' manages to be both endearing and powerful, a mix that bodes well for future releases.