Artist: The Colour Wheels Album: The Colour Wheels Label: Viper Bite Records Release Date: Out now! Link: "My wife Psalm asked me to teach her how to play drums," explains lead singer Jon Sebastian of The Colour Wheels. "So i wrote some songs for us to play together as a band." With Psalm drumming and Jon playing guitar and singing, the Poughkeepsie, New York duo put together a batch of fun and cunningly charming songs. They recorded demos for their friends and played shows at not so typical venues such as public libraries, community colleges and living rooms - often joined by their friend Abe Germano on bass. From the beginning the band has taken a simplified, less is more approach to their song writing; one that more then satisfies my extremely diverse appetite for bite size bands. But don't be fooled, behind the jangly guitars and sing along melodies lies perfectly crafted indie pop with a surprising attention to detail. And although songs about pirate ships and camping trips may at first seem inconsequential, a closer listen revels a tongue in cheek take on the themes of awkward emergent adolescence, Trying to resist temptation while at the same time being confused and consumed by it. A catchy and refreshing listen. 5/5