Label: Wichita Recordings Release Date: 31/08/09 (Download out now) Website: Official Site 'Cheat On Me' is the leading single from The Cribs' fourth album Ignore The Ignorant. The Cribs' early albums rose in the aftermath of The Strokes, though they proved, like The Libertines, to be much more raw. However, their 2007 release Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever was released on a major label, and recieved much more critical and public acclaim. Recently, Johnny Marr of The Smiths was welcomed into the band, and this combined with the success of their last album means there are a lot of expectations surfacing right now. 'Cheat On Me' sounds, as promised, like something half way between The Smiths and The Cribs. The texture of the music benefits from the presence of a second guitar, and with The Cribs being influenced heavily by The Smiths anyway, Marr's distinctive guitar style fits right in. The vocal is done in bassist Gary Jarman's stormy, hoarse Yorkshire accent - probably the most appealing element of the track, notably recorded before Gary had an operation to remove nodules from his vocal chords. Other charming quirks are the unexpected pattern of beats in the verses and the edgy chord sequence towards the end of the track. The other parts of 'Cheat On Me', I'm not so sure about. With the new guitarist, so often copied by contemporary musicians, and the anthemic but uninspired chorus, this track veers rather close to the type of mainstream indie that the Jarman brothers have condemned so often before. The sound has matured, almost to the point of losing its youthful energy. Almost to the point of 'bland'. I'm hoping that the rest of the new album is a little bit less radio-friendly, a little bit more like The Cribs around album three. Back then, they nailed the balance between raw, angry punk, and accessible, thoughtful indie. More of that, please. Rating: 6.5/10 Download now: iTunes