The Well Hanged EP is the debut offering from London six piece The Damn Jammage. Led by the magnificently named Danny Rapscallion, they describe their music as “an absurd journey”, with elements of blues, jazz and the surreal combining to a sinister effect. This is showcased best on opening track 'No Rest For The Crooked'. It’s terrific, combining honky tonk piano and gravel flecked vocals to create what feels like a nightmarish sea shanty. Rapscallion’s voice contain more than a hint of malevolence as he bellows “There’s no rest for the crooked like there’s no rest for me” like a damned soul. It’s an impossibly catchy song though, with a chorus I constantly find myself singing at work (though I don’t try replicating the baritone vocal, people would think I was a bit odd). Assisted by a liberal dose of accordion, it sounds like the soundtrack for a demonic Monkey Island game. It’s also a whole heap of fun, and I bet it’s fantastic live.

Second track 'Black & Blue' is a complete change of pace. It starts in a more subtle fashion, with a hint of wistful violin in the background. Even Rapscallion’s vocals are a touch more restrained. By around three minutes in, however, things are livening up with elements of Captain Beefheart filtering through, and by the time we hit the 5 minute mark, we’re onto a full-on Celtic jig. 'Stockpiling Poison' starts off like the score to a Sergio Leone film, a harmonica wailing in the background over a gentle build. However, the gentleness doesn’t extend to the lyrics. It certainly isn’t the first song to equate the love of an untrustworthy woman with poison, but few put it as bluntly as here, where Rapscallion croons that “While you’re kissing her neck, you might as well be sniffing glue." The only song that feels slightly inessential is the final one, '(Show Me) Lonely Lost Love'. With a melody that is equal parts waltz and rugby song, it’s nice enough, but doesn’t really make any lasting impression.

The Damn Jammage, then, aren’t ones to take the easy route. The Well Hanged EP is brimming with invention, inspiration and energy, and for a debut release shows a load of potential. Whether they can live up to this promise remains to be seen, but I bet it wont be boring to find out.