Previously smooshed together as continental favourites Bodi Bill, Anton K. Feist and Fabian Fenk have now channelled their creativity towards a new sonic endeavour, in the form of The/Das. The Berlin-based pair have dubbed their new sound as 'techno-tenderness', which for a band labelling their sound, is pretty spot-on. It's the kind of leering electronica that soundtracks lamplit strolls around snoozing cities where the stillness is fragile, tranquil and vaguely unnerving. The weave Krauty undertones into their music, crafting music that's simultaneously dour and stuffed with shades of experimental club-pop. Fans of Matthew Dear and Darkstar, read on with gusto.

'Have No Fear' opens their second EP, Speak Your Mind Speak. The muted, bubbling bass and subtly theramin-esque keys evoke a kind of anxious atmosphere, but there are trance-like pads and Eurodance vox recalling the rave-tinged pop of the early 00s and late 90s. Its edgless angst, like every ingrained paranoid thought, is being crammed towards the back of your mind by the oppressive calm. Adorned with flourishes of gritty midnight sax, 'It's True' is 80s-tinged and a maudlin cut with trip-hop percussion. The picked bass riffs are prominent and lead the melodies more than any other element, a nice change from standard keys/guitar forcing tune.

Although the duo are dabbling with electronic sounds, they often venture over other borders for inspiration and traverse multiple genres with their machinations. Even though they are synth-heavy, they don't solely rely on synthetic elements to create their sound – in instrumentation or style. They've not pigeonholed themselves, instead, they've expanding as much as the confines of an EP will let them – for intensely intimate 'techno-tenderness', it's remarkably sprawling and devoid of techno. It's subversive electro-pop with dashes of neo-jazz and indie-rock, shrieking through urban streets and lurking inside the grimiest nightclubs.

Whether The/Das will stand up to Bodi Bill, time will tell. Bodi Bill never really struck a huge chord in the UK, but this new project is already making considerable waves – they're garnering hype in their native Germany too, and we'll see if they can extend that tendril of buzz to other nations that were fond of Bodi Bill with the arrival of future releases. This is a firm continuation from the debut offering and a solid stride forwards. Expect the waters of 2013 to be filled with Das beauty. Pun intended.