The titular opening track to Found, the new EP from The Daydream Club is an appropriate introduction for people only just discovering the band. A mix of roots-rock guitars, brisk snares and gorgeous harmonies; in just four minutes it captures the attention and draws you into a tale of triumph over adversity. The vulnerability of the verses is juxtaposed with the confident instrumentation and the chorus lyrics, ending on the couplet "It pulls me down, I see the ground / If I am strong and I am proud, then I am found."

Found is a record which lays clear the musicianship of duo Adam Pickering and Paula Walker, embracing British and American folk styles. It was written and recorded "at home in Leicester" by the band, with all instruments on the album played by the duo (save for a violin performance by Nikki Cartwright on 'Fear of Wolves'). However, thanks to a crowd-funding campaign, the EP benefits from much stronger production allowing the band to produce a record that allows them to control the dynamic range in a way they hadn't been able to before.

Vocals and instruments are layered over one another, creating rich sonic textures that are beautiful and beguiling. The tender 'Remember Me' features a haunting vocal performance from the duo that seems to float just over the plucked acoustic guitar and soft keys that fade in and out of the mix. It's an emotional moment on the EP, but it manages this through subtle instrumentation and delicate details that deserve to be heard on headphones.

Whilst they work with traditional music styles, there is a great deal of variety. Paula's percussive work, on drums and glockenspiel is excellent, whilst Adam contributes guitars, mandolin, piano, keys and accordion. Yet unlike other bands with a multi-instrumentalist streak, The Daydream Club seem to use only what is necessary. At times they can be restrained, at others they pull out all the stops to deliver rousing choruses. 'Little Face' starts with an almost lullably-esque guitar and occasional snippets of twinkling piano, before introducing percussion to build the track. The track, and the album, ends with choral harmonies over plucked guitars and a driving rhythm that lifts the final moments to euphoric heights.

Lyrically, Found is a personal, introspective EP. The opening track's theme of self-belief runs through most of the songs, as well as the vulnerability that runs counter to that. The songwriting however is strong throughout, so whilst 'Fear of Wolves' may evoke a similar sentiment to 'Found', the fact the song is written and arranged so well makes this a moot point. Then there is the track 'Remember Me' which in just four lines, manages to convey both the pain in losing someone close, but also the positivity of being able to keep their memory alive. This is The Daydream Club at their best, evocative, beautiful and waiting to be found.