Label : Poco Poco Records Release date: 01/11/2010 Link: Myspace Since the success of acts such as Mumford and Sons and Ray Lamontagne, folk seems to be making a comeback in the charts of late. Considering the competition and the inevitable imminent backlash, it’s a brave move to release a folk record at this moment in time, even braver to release it on their own label. The Daydream Club is made of Paula Walker, ex-professional dancer, and Adam Pickering, ex-pop drummer. Despite classing themselves as folk, Overgrown lacks the inclusion of the Banjo and the Mandolin favoured by other folk acts, instead opting to use instruments such as the Melodica and the Glockenspiel to create a slightly different sound. In many places on Overgrown, the use of these instruments is very effective. ‘English Rain’ is an incredibly cheerful song, emphasised by the use of the Melodica, a mouth organ sounding like a cross between a harmonica and an accordion. Coupled with Paula’s smooth and haunting vocals, ‘English Rain’ is one of the more catchy songs on the album, certainly the most easily transferable to the mainstream charts. Another of The Daydream Club’s strengths is their harmonies. Paula and Adam’s voices fit together perfectly, especially evident in ‘On the Move‘, a stunning track featuring only Adam on guitar and their voices, layered over one another to create a genuinely lovely sound. However, by far the most striking harmonies are buried in ‘A Picture of You’ a slower tempo track in which Paula’s voice reminds me of Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee’s, an odd comparison admittedly but it works brilliantly in this instance, making ‘A Picture of You’ my instant highlight. Despite all of the strong points of Overgrown, the album is thirteen songs long, and in some places these songs feel like fillers. ‘Fisherman’s Tale’ is an entirely instrumental song that sounds a little like bagpipes at a Scottish funeral, whereas ‘Square’ and ‘Be with you Always’ fade in comparison to other stronger songs and make the album sound quite same-y throughout. Overgrown is a strong debut for The Daydream Club, and despite feeling a bit lengthy in places, the album boasts some memorable and really beautiful songs. Paula and Adam have displayed a more delicate and vulnerable approach to folk music, which sets them apart from the rest of the folk market at the moment. Photobucket