Label: Rough Trade Release date: 14/10/08 Link: Other the course of the next three months The Decemberists will be releasing three volumes of singles under the banner of Always The Bridesmaid. Here's what we thought of the songs! Valerie Plame The Decemberists have this knack of sounding either completely depressing or extremely happy with no middle ground. This song thankfully falls on the happy side, which is probably a good choice from them considering it's the first song of this singles series. It's got all the classic elements that I love about this band, the instrumenatition and the way the band works together works so well. This song feels like the lovechild of The Polyphonic Spree,an American folk band and some British pop band. Oh yes and did I mention that British band happens to be The Beatles? The ending is the most blatant rip off of 'Hey Jude' I've ever heard but guess what? It's still great! Rating: 4/5