Label: Rough Trade Release date: 04/11/08 Link: Welcome to the second volume of the 'Always The Bridesmaid' series by The Decemberists Days of Elaine Very much like the first song from Volume I, 'Days of Elaine' is a ridiculously up-beat affair with a swirling organ in the background and Colin Meloy singing relentlessly throughout this 4 and a half minute pop song. It's not a bad effort but I'd be hard pressed to remember it a day later. Rating: 2.5/5 Sticking With You Some times it takes a good cover song to turn things around and it certainly worked on this occasion! It's very rare that I appreciate a cover song that sounds exactly the same as the original but somehow they manage to get away with it. I'm sure The Velvet Underground would be happy with this! Rating: 4/5