The Devil LP is making me seriously uneasy. My day started optimistically despite the drizzle and greyness. I'm good at ignoring the general sense of foreboding. I got up, made myself something to eat and wandered down Stamford Hill to my friend James Sedwards' house to get a copy of The Devil LP straight from the horse's hoof. James is a third of The Devil and I'm beginning to wonder whether he's a third of the actual devil.

I got home, put the record on and my day changed. The leaves in my yard, which earlier today I'd gazed at with a twee Green Man-festivaly-'autumn is my favourite season' filter, now fill me with a despair and morbid hum. They're death, sludge and futility. Arrrrrgh. I'm overwhelmed by my cat's stupidity. I can't physically lift myself from the bed. This record is heavy.

The album, a decade in the making, is the sole output of The Devil (James Sedwards, Sophie Politowicz and Country Teasers' Ben Wallers). It's largely instrumental... Wallers' lyrical puzzles are on hold for now... it's the aural equivalent of Hammer's Witchfinder General or being convinced someone's following you home at 2am. At its most easy-going, it's getting into town and being convinced you've left the gas on or your door unlocked. It could soundtrack you opening some mail and discovering a VHS tape of you in your bedroom filmed from behind a mirror.

The instrumental dread is relentless but makes way for some lyrical horror on their version of Kool Keith's 'Girls Want You'... I never want to hear the original of this; it's traumatised me. Misogynistic, eye wateringly filthy... I don't know where to look. I find myself staring at the turntable... what the fuck are you doing? Highlighting? Mocking? Agreeing?

Fans of Country Teasers and Ben Wallers' The Rebel will find much to immerse themselves in but it's radically different... denser, creepier (possible?) and syrupy. I really don't know whether I love this record...I think I do... I'm not sure that's even possible. I imagine my eyes are a bit like Rosemary's when she decides to be a mother to the demon child. I feel weird.