Artist: The Donkeys Album: Living On The Other Side Release Date: 14/09/08 Label: Dead Oceans Link: I think when I'm sat around with a drink in my hand on new years, looking back on all the music of 2008 I think the genre that would have dominated the year would definitely in my eyes be the sort of music The Donkeys create, Alt-Country. The only worry for me is that this band will be left at the bottom of that pile, especially when you look at the amazing releases by bands like Fleet Foxes and Bowerbirds. But to be fair, being at the bottom of that pile isn't exactly a criticism.  So where does this leave San Diego's The Donkeys? Well for a start the album is pretty good. It's most definitely a summer album, which as a British citizen makes it a little bit harder to relate to than our American cousins. I could well see myself lying around in my garden with my friends enjoying the sun and having this be our soundtrack, it's just something I'm gonna have to imagine rather than to actually live out. But it's still good. As far as criticisms go I would probably point my finger at the fact that If someone pointed a gun at me and said "Oi! pick out a highlight from the album or I'll shoot you!" I would most likely end up in a hospital. It just never enters the fore front, instead it kind of sits in the background waving at you in a gentle and humble sort of way. It's still worth a try though Rating:6.5/10