Release Date: Out Now Label: Phantom Sound and Vision Link: So I listened to this with absolutely no expectations. It was the first time in a while I'd listened to something that I didn't have some sort of preconceived notion of what this band is about. The Drones. Sounds relaxing and refreshing. But what I got instead was something I swear I have heard before, and done much better. They seem to borrow from everyone and not try to hide it. Not that I didn't enjoy the good parts, but they are just too few and far between. When I'm reviewing something, I keep notepad open and write whatever comes to mind, for each song. What I wrote for this album ranges from "intense. verging on sonic youth-type noise. good song" to "am I even listening anymore? I think I skipped a song". The first two songs are loud, fast moving, and interesting, but everything after that is too meandering. Songs build and build but there is never a climax, or its much too short. It's like walking to the store and finding out they close an hour early on Tuesday. You're certain it's going to be there and you've gone all the way there, but nothing. You've put the time into listening to the song, but you have come away with anything in the end. However, I think the good parts are really engaging and worthwhile. All of the instruments combine and create such a loud sound that knocks you back. And the singer has a nice croon to him, reminiscent of Neil Young or Bruce Springsteen. It's too bad they don't carry it past the first two tracks and 15 second intervals here and there. Maybe I'm missing the theatrics or drama of the songs, but I shouldn't be falling asleep at 4 p.m.