Label: Island Release date: 07/06/10 Link: Official Site One could be forgiven for believing they’d bought the wrong disc on the first listen to The Drums’ eponymous debut album. 10 minutes and three tracks pass by before the listener hears any new material and even then it is much more of the same from the New York four-piece. 'Book of Stories', track four of 12, hears more of that distinguishable surf-pop guitar style, upbeat male harmonies “ooh”-ing and “ahh”-ing to lyrics with a downbeat content, and underlying hazy synth sounds – and it is a pattern that The Drums seem to lack the bravery to steer too far away from throughout the whole album. On individual tracks, The Beach Boys-meets-The Cure sound that they have honed so well is very effective indeed and love them or hate them, The Drums have mastered some of the catchiest summer tunes of the past few years. But twelve tracks with minimal variability, no matter how cute and catchy, fail to make as strong an impression as tracks that manage to stand alone. Obviously songs like 'Best Friend' and 'Let’s Go Surfing' are still as good as they ever were – the act of blaming a friend for their own death (“You were my best friend, but then you died”) I find utterly brilliant, and the chorus to 'Let’s Go Surfing' (“Mama! I wanna go surfing!”) still evokes that same sing-along feel. But even these seem somewhat drowned out amongst track after track of what feels like little more than filler. 'I’ll Never Drop My Sword' and 'Down By The Water' bring a little variation to the album in that their melancholic tone is far more blatant than much of the rest of the record, but album closer 'The Future', with its name that points to a possible new plans for the group, will fail to excite fans for… the future. For those who are somehow completely unaware of The Drums, this is still a decent album. It is fun and catchy and, despite how critical this review may seem, it is enjoyable. But for those who already own the Summmertime! EP, I wouldn’t bother going too far out of your way to get your hands on this, The Drums full length. It will likely only leave you disappointed and wanting more. Photobucket