Label: N/A Release date: 09/05/09 Website: "The Mountains Bent To Greet Me is the first release from The Etiquette Project, a London 2-piece consisting of Loz KeyStone and Max McCabe. Drawing influences from such artists as CocoRosie, Casiotone For The Painfully Alone and Burial, this record aims to create a harmony between organic instrumentation and the London Hip Hop and IDM scenes." The first thought that springs to mind when I listen to this EP is of the incredible Icelandic producer, Valgeir Sigurosson. The core features of the Etiquette Project's revolve around Sigurosson's same techniques of blending folk instruments with electronic percussion that click, shuffle and stamp. What they introduce to take it in a different direction is the use of quivering, whispering, sometimes on the verge of weeping, vocals along with minimalist key arrangements. This creates a somewhat melancholic and occasionally bleak set of songs, but the kind that appeals greatly to the elements of us that crave drama and sadness. The EP is taken further by the surreal lyrics, which strengthen the strange sequence of roughly recorded sound effects, patches of white noise and modest instrumentals, which spread a soothing electronic folk ambiance. The tracks that truly stand out on the EP are 'Antiques' and 'Get Me Home Safely'. They go hand in hand with The Mountains Bent To Greet Me's artwork, conjuring up fantasies about nature, and it's where the Etiquette Project's humble instrumentals prevail most successfully. They achieve enchanting compositions, which all the escapists out there, who take pleasure in abstract, atmospheric environments will relish. Rating: 7/10