Label: Hassle Records Release date: 17/05/10 Link: Official Site Here’s a quick history, for those that might not know it. The Get Up Kids formed in 1995, released one of the greatest ‘second wave’ emo records ever made in 1999, broke up in 2004, played their farewell show in 2005, returned in 2008 after a few years spent in a handful of bands of varying (but mostly good) quality, toured and recorded through 2009 and now, in 2010, release their first studio material for six years. The first of a series of EP releases planned by the band, Simple Science carries a great deal of weight on its shoulders. Whilst many bands from this era are reforming for tours and festivals, few have been so up front about releasing new material. Also, The Get Up Kids had already moved substantially away from the sound that first found them success by the time they broke up, maturing from intelligent yet angsty pop punk in to a more mid-tempo melodic band who would make slowed down acoustic-led records if they wanted. Whilst many fans would undoubtedly have wanted a return to their roots, Simple Science is a natural progression from 2004’s Guilt Show combined with a few bits and pieces they’ve learned from doing their own thing for a while. Although it’s originally off-putting – things get off to a slow start and then don’t pick up too much – there’s a quiet confidence to the record. Here is a group of people who have put all their past troubles and differences behind them, and are making the record they want to without feeling like they have to impress anyone anymore. There are none of the forced attempts at their older pop punk style that were found on Guilt Show here, and if you get over the fact that they’re a much older band than the one that made Something To Write Home About back in 1999, then there’s a lot to love about this EP. Besides, if you want to hear that record again, it still sounds amazing today, and they still play loads from it at live shows. Simple Science is just its smarter older brother: maybe not as fun, but with a good deal more things sorted out. Simple Science is a great example of melodic emo-fuelled pop punk by the guys that pretty much set the standard that everyone fails to live up to today. If only Death Cab For Cutie still sounded this good. Photobucket