The Goldberg Sisters are the brainchild of actor Adam Goldberg, star of such films as Saving Private Ryan, the excellent Dazed and Confused as well as making an excellent cameo in Friends as Chandler's insane room-mate Eddie.

I got a copy of this recording and to be honest thought it was going to be another actor wanting to play rock star and was content in Frisbee-ing it across my flat into a pile of long forgotten recordings by the fabled movie stars who have decided to "do" music.

This long forgotten arena is currently home to such luminaries as Bruce Willis, Don Johnson, Keanu Reeves (remember Dogstar?) and Leonard Nimoy with his Mr Spock's Music from Outer Space. But in the case of this album I will happily grab a slice of humble pie as it's a great. It truly is. From the opener 'The Room' it draws you in with various layers of instrumentation like an audio blanket (especially when listened to on headphones.) Where comparisons with bands and artist's such as Sean Lennon, The Sleepy Jackson are easily made Goldberg definitely has his own voice and is comfortable just being himself. As the album continues through 'Mother Please (The World Is Not Our Home)' and 'Shush/Ooh La La' shades of early Elton John shine through although maybe not intentionally but in the harmonies and very melodic musicianship it just ticked the box for me.

The record as a whole has a very warm home made feel about it and I doubt there was any record label executives poking their nose in the studio and worrying about "the hit" or the first single. This seems very much a labour of love. The overall sound of the record is very high while at the same time keeping the quirky Lo-Fi New York vibe to it with acoustics, melodicaâ's and vocals being the main foundation of each song with sporadic glimpses of fuzz guitar and strings added like icing on the indie cake.

With all the albums released weekly and especially since the internet took off at such a rate and music is brimming with new bands and tracks I don't think this album will get the publicity and promo it needs to be a bona fide hit (although I think it would diminish the beauty of it if it did manage to get to these heights.) I think The Goldberg Sisters is destined to be a lost classic, although a classic none the less.