When the hell is The Good Natured going to release an album? It feels like she’s been making music since the beginning of time. But at least she has an EP release entitled Skeleton.

The first track on the EP is the title track; a song about getting naked/ sex- a theme which she tackles still with a sense of innocence. It’s a good pop tune and the melody’s a lot brighter than her usual dark tones. I quite like this song and it proves that The Good Natured can make slightly more commercial and catchy pop songs.

‘Wolves’ is the second track; it's a little bit more fantastical with imagery of wolves and fire and magic and woodland. It’s more old school Good Natured, I guess you could say. Fantasy and fairytales have always been elements present in her music.

The final track, ‘The Hourglass’ again feels like an imagined childhood adventure. The beginning sounds like The Crystal Maze theme tune remixed with the Fort Boyard music; this makes the audience very narrow. However, I for one, rather like the ridiculously fairytale-esque themes, I find it quite refreshing and endearing. Sarah McIntosh’s imagination also puts Florence Welch’s imagination to shame as far as fantastical imagery is concerned here.

The Good Natured is definitely doing something different, interesting and in my opinion rather quite good throughout this EP. Go on, let out your inner childhood imagination and listen to The Good Natured; you won’t regret it!