The Happening was meant to be the biggest Thriller of 2008, thus far. A chilling, panic stricken tale of a family on the run from a natural crisis that presents a grim fate to the existence of humanity was supposed to mark M.Nite.Shyamalan's triumphant return after his two year absence. So what went wrong? And was the Friday 13th release, really unlucky for Wahlberg and co? The 405 takes a look into this years biggest Hollywood flop... Ive never really found myself being overly enthusiastic about any of Shymalans work and so the circulating fascination that surrounds him, confuses me to say the least. The Village, Signs, Unbreakable, and The Sixth Sense (with the slightest of exceptions) were never really films of much significance,popularity or of industry importance, having been shuffled to the bottom of the deck ever since.  All were poorly governed and executed by an implausible and inconceivable vision. None of these titles would constitute as being cinematic works of art, yet Shyamalan's films still seem to have this false stigma of excellence attached to them because of who their creator is, or more to the point, really isn't. Say what you will, the awards, the nominees, they all should account for something, right? But Shyamalan still fails in delivering a consistent or decisive thriller and The Happening is a sure example of yet another laugh inducing and feeble slight offering on his part. The Happening, is not merely bad. It is an astonishment, so idiotic in conception and inept in execution that, after seeing it, one almost wonders whether it was real or in fact imagined. I'm not sure what i hated more. The way in which the characters seemed to almost sleep walk through their diluted terror at a shambling pace with a non existent sense of urgency, that not even the experienced Mark Wahlberg could save. The fact that the plants (who are brain washing all of the humans into committing suicide for no reason at all!) had no visible sense of self being, characteristics or realism behind them whatsoever, which completely discredited their significance and role from the start, perhaps making them the most pointless movie "monster" of all time. Or finally, the terribly inconclusive and cliche open ended narrative that begs for a sequel. There is such a lack of imaginative direction in The Happening that the whole film is a disappointment from start to finish. You're better off seeing The Day of the Triffids. This film, scores an unapologetic, 1/5.